My name is Marissa. Welcome to Rocket and Beets and the home of the Happy Body Lifestyle.
Rocket and Beets is about living your best life. Not extreme measures to weight loss, body obsession or harsh juice cleanses. A Happy Body is about understanding the power that core values, emotional understanding and self-love have on physical health, belief systems and personal empowerment as well as treating yourself and your body with respect on the road to a greater level of wellbeing.
Having a Happy Body is a lifestyle choice and with it comes increased energy, positive mindsets and a life worth giving thanks for every single day. The change not only empowers you but also those around you. This is a forever journey. Get on board and enjoy every step of the process!
Happy Body Lifestyle Program

6 Week Happy Body re-set program

6 Week digestive reset

6 Week physical reset training

Mindful living, energetic health education and guides

Community support and celebration

Stretching and training guides

Naturopath advice and guidance

Happy Body Personal Training

Personal consultation and specialised one-on-one training sessions

Stretching and training guides

Healthy living education

Group training


Group training

Casual class pass

Fun, supportive environment

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