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Emotional Body Blocks

There are some people who can just look at a gym and the weight will drip off them. Others will train religiously for months, power into the next new workout fad, drink green smoothies and vegan everythings and yet still they retain the un wanted excess kilos. What is the secret to acheiving this kind Read More

Energetic Preparation

Only a few years ago the concept of energy, feelings or thoughts impacting our health was such a foreign (off the planet even) concept that things like mindfulness and visualization were fast dismissed. In this new age, finally, the scientific world has gotten on board and connected many of the ‘out there’ teachings to the Read More

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What’s a Happy Body Lifestyle?

There’s a contentment that comes with having a happy body. Something internal feels balanced and at ease. This kind of feeling is harder to achieve as the world becomes faster passed, highly stressed and complex in food options and what’s best for our bodies.  A Happy Body keeps it simple. Healthy food options and fads Read More

A fit person’s travel tips

1. Water, lemon and sea salt Alkalizing and hydrating are imperative if you’re a frequent flyer. These three simple items should become a staple when frequently flying. Sea salt retains minerals and water into our cells creating a healing effect for our bodies. But remember only natural salts like Himalayan sea salts not that other Read More
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