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Salute the Sun

I am so proud to be affiliated with the upcoming Salute the Sun Yoga Festival! So much of my understanding of health, life balance and the energy systems of our magnificent bodies has come from my yoga practice. The deeper philosophies of yoga really connect you to the magic of stillness, letting go and finding Read More

A fit person’s travel tips

1. Water, lemon and sea salt Alkalizing and hydrating are imperative if you’re a frequent flyer. These three simple items should become a staple when frequently flying. Sea salt retains minerals and water into our cells creating a healing effect for our bodies. But remember only natural salts like Himalayan sea salts not that other Read More
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Why you should offset your training with Yoga

With all the added physical training to prepare for Septembers Tour de Timor, I am often in conflict between the new found love I’ve had to develop for weight and endurance workouts and my adoration of yoga, stretching and creating strength through flexibility.  It’s a conflict that, at times, has left me a little emotional Read More

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10 simple steps to greater health.

Drink a big glass of lemon water in the morning. It’s amazing how something so easy can set a wonderful foundation to the day. Lemon water is alkalizing to the body and as soon as I drink it I feel alive and ready for all thats to come. This was of huge benefit to me Read More
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Start feeling great with these easy tips…

I’ve found that the road to greater health is a journey of lots of little fun steps that can be worked into the new amazing life you’re creating. Each new step is lots of fun if you see it for the simplicity that it is. Some of the ones I love the most and have Read More

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