Happiness loves company!

Rocket & Beets is only as good as the incredible people who contribute and assist in its development. Not only do these individuals excel in their areas of expertise, they're simply outstanding human beings who work towards a higher understanding of healthy living and wellbeing.

Marissa Frew- Founder/ Rocket and Beets, speaker, writer, presenter.

Marissa is a holistic living and wellbeing consultant with over 20 years experience in her field and a lifetime working with alternative wellbeing practitioners. She’s an inspiring presenter, guest speaker and writer as well as a personal trainer specialising in flexibility, movement and rehabilitation. Marissa is the founder of Rocket and Beets and is passionate about empowering others through teaching the elements of health.

Mick Jordan - Scientific naturopath.

SMA, AAMT, ANPA and ASADA accredited

Micks primary focus is to provide the least invasive, most efficacious, non-toxic therapies that address the cause of your health concerns, not simply the suppression of symptoms.

Mick applies a clarity and simplicity to his approach that has helped thousands of people reach their long-term physical, emotional and spiritual health goals.

Tess Everett-Photographer

Tess Everett is an established Melbourne photographer who specializes in advertising & fashion photography. She has in-depth experience in the commercial space with a modern & unique perspective. She captures the moment in her lifestyle, portrait & event work, and has a passion for landscape & architecture stemming from her time spent travelling & capturing the world.

Dotti Opray - Intuitive, yoga teacher and wellness coach.

Dotti's gifts allow her to insight into others and she is passionate about transformation, self knowledge and helping others find peace in the everyday joy of living. Brisbane based she divides her time as a children's yoga teacher, mother and practitioner she can be reached at

Matt Korinek- Photographer

Matt is a passionate and creative commercial brand photographer committed to delivering powerful imagery. He specialises in Fitness, Yoga, Lifestyle and Portraiture photography and is based in Melbourne, Australia. Get in touch by emailing

Benita Grimaldi

Girl boss, community lover, yogi, festival director @salutethesunyogafestival

Benita started working at lululemon athletica in the community team over two years ago and since then, has been slightly obsessed with sharing her love of yoga and all things sweaty with the community. She is passionate about helping people connect with like-minded individuals in order for them to reach their full potential. Reach out for all things sweaty, yoga, events, and cat videos at

Salute The Sun Yoga Festival.

Sunday 28th February 2016 9am-4pm.

Some days we have to create our own sunshine.

Rocket and Beets is proud to sponsor the upcoming  Salute The Sun Yoga Festival. Happy Bodies find the deepest connection of the soul and body through yoga.

Salute the sun together in a space open to everyone; experienced yogis and beginner yogis, meditators, families, or those seeking mindfulness. Feel the fire of hundreds of yogis as we move our bodies, quiet our minds and live life light.

visit for more information.

Tickets available at;

Dr Sofie Rasmussen

Dr Sofie Rasmussen is an osteopath, clinical pilates instructor and health-oriented entrepreneur. Her passion is to inspire others to be well in all aspects of life, through her holistic clinical practice in the CBD and her delicious, whole-food pancake range – Naked Seeds. Of Danish background, Sofie grew up in Melbourne after spending 4 years in Hong Kong, with a family that loves to travel. In her spare time you'll find her running in Albert Park, walking her dog along St Kilda beach, and tasting her way through the new, trendy restaurants of Melbourne.

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