Happy Body Lifestyle Program

This simple to follow program is delivered to you over 6 weeks and includes the following:

  • All training guidelines
  • Your own Happy Body empowerment articles to read and follow
  • 6 weeks of progressive body weight/resistance training program
  • Complete, easy to follow guides and breakdown of each exercise
  • 3 weeks of simple to follow, easy to prepare food plans
  • Weekly shopping list
  • Community connect and support
  • Mindfulness techniques and guides
  • Weekly stretching guide
  • Weekly Lifestyle Planner
  • Connecting to the Bigger Picture

A Happy Body resonates a positive vibration that comes from nurturing our health from deep within and providing our-selves the lifestyle tools to do just that.

The source of an unhappy body comes from within and is deeply rooted in our emotions, belief systems, digestion and cellular health. Without addressing the core foundations of our health we’re just externally focusing on an internal problem.

Program dates:

The Happy Body Lifestyle Program runs whenever you want it to. As soon as your purchase has gone through the emails will be sent to your inbox with the files you can print and keep. Everything you need each week is sent to you. You just read and follow. Easy!

Additional Information:

The information provided within this program has been carefully reviewed over years of experience and the exercise and food guide has been created to assist hormonal and digestive re-balance, as well as a well-balanced physicality.

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